Feb. 25th, 2009 12:05 am
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In life news: Am all packed up and ready to move into my new shiny apartment :D:D! Dad is not available tho, and I kind of need his car to move my stuff around *sigh*. In 2 weeks my math seminar starts which means 2-3 hours of maths for 17 days and the exam directly after that. ... Not so excited for that but it has to be done.

In FANNISH news: Ahahahaha, I let my sister watch a few short Supernatural clips, and she was instantly fascinated. Now she's caught up with the german part of the show and tells me, that SPN is her new fav show :D! AND of course she picked up on the gay (even between Jensen and Jared, I mean, ... it's not that hard to miss but still), and asked me: 'is there fanfic?' HAHAHA. Man, I LOVE my sister. Now I just have to find her some non-porny ones, although I guess she's old enough to decide herself whether or not she reads the sex scenes. Hmm, maybe there are some 'How to get started in SPN/J2-fandom'-posts.

Now I just have to convince her to watch Merlin and she's all set to be the next fangirl in our family

I have been reading a lot of ebooks/original fiction lately, and I've noticed that summaries that go: Char A is shy/traumatized/emotionally handicapped and he meets Char B who is brash/mean/flamboyant, can Char B help Char A to come out of his shell? - MAKE ME BARF. God, I'm sorry, but how often can you do that cliche? I can't even read fics like that that are heavily recced, I just have enough of all this emo-bullshit.
Another thing, one of the most famous fics on FictionPress - Stupid Post it Notes, has become too emo for me. I mean, one the one hand I get the angst , but 400000+ words of 1st pov angst? Very SLOW moving angst? God... on the one hand the author doesn't make the trauma poof away like so many other authors, but this feels like such a downer epic. A downer epic WIP which is even worse, because I don't know when we'll have the HEA, and I need my HEA dammit, that's the reason I read fanfic - they're my romance novels, haha. The problem with fics like these is that the character-development stagnates, it inches forward and then bam it goes all down the drain again. Not that that doesn't feel like puberty (>.> it does, so very much) but maybe living a year with ex-TOR has made me overly sensitive to stuff like this and I just can't stomach it anymore.
Ahahah, okay skimming showed that the newest chapter is supposed to be the penultimate one, but still it was about 30000 words of angst and just ONE day went by timeline wise. I'm sorry but that's just way too wordy.

*cough* okay enough rant ^^. Back to my usual non-updating hahaha



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