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Hoo boy, I kinda went off the grid for a while, didn't I?

Anyway this week IS FINALLY OVER THANK GOD. Today I held my presentation on Arthropod Walking, in english. This might not be that much of a problem, but I was supposed to do it with a partner, since we only get 15 minutes of talking time and this was an incredibly complex topic, so you're supposed to split it up. No problem, I had a competent and smart partner who didn't let me down when it came to the preparations.
Then last week he emails me and tells me he cannot be there to do it with me. Which, okay not exactly ideal, but okay, I can do 30 minutes. So we continued preparing our presentation, changing it into one big one and I felt pretty confident. When I emailed the presentation to my TA yesterday he said: yeah, looks good, but take out this and put in this (incredibly complex schematic), and remember 15 min max!!

lsdjkj so i kinda went nuts on my notes, just crossing out all the not so so so important stuff and just hoping somehow people would understand me. So yeah, my presentation went over pretty well, but it went over a loooot of heads too :/, but at least my TA was satisfied. But yeah, I was operating on pure panic and adrenaline there and now I am going to sleep.

For much happier news:

DIEING OF CUTE This is so very adorable, and one of the reasons I LOVE THE INTERNET SO MUCH! without it stuff like this might exist, but I'd NEVER know ^0^

Okay, sleep now *collapses into bed*
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