Feb. 10th, 2009 09:35 pm
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Passed chemistry exam! Suck on that sucky chem prof whose lectures I NEVER WENT TO because he's such an asshole!

Now I'm cleaning my room and being generally happy :D:D!
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I had one of the best weekends in recent memory :D! Ex-Roomate and I went back to my parents to study maths and chemistry, watch movies and play some guitar hero. We were really efficient in our studies even, I'm so proud :D! While I don't feel that confident about maths yet, I have got at least a little of the basics. And now, for the best part: I have FINALLY got an apartment, with a nice new roommate, it's practically next to the university (or at least next to the part of the university were most of my classes are going to take place next semester *dances*.

That's my short update for today *_*. More to come soon, when I whine about moving, ahaha.
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Merry Christmas to everyone of you <3, I don't have a pretty picture, so have a someecard :D

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YAYAY, Merlin Torrent...

And it's not loading, I kind of feel like Eddie Izzard in this )

Gimme my shiny gay show *whines*


Dec. 2nd, 2008 03:11 pm
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Soooo, last night I got my new cellphone *_* which can finally store more than 5 MB music and thus will be my new help to get me through my daily trainrides. I love travelling by train, I love sitting around and just looking at the countryside. The only thing I don't love ... is the passengers. I'm sorry but I'm not really interested in your drunken ramblings about football games, your loud telephone conversations and I just want some quiet after a hellish day of Uni. *cough* Which is why I always have music playing. Eeee~ New PHONE :D

Of course, since it's NEW AND SHINY, i couldn't esist playing around with it until about 3 am in the morning at which point I realized that I would have to get up 5 hours later and tried to go to sleep ... and that didn't work either. I don't know when I eventually succumbed to sleep but I spent a lot of time last night tossing and turning and cursing my sleeplessness.

Merlin: I've been following it kinda regularly and man do I love where it's going. I hope they make a second season (it does look like it), because there is just so much more that they could do with it. So many plotthreads have been introduced but nothing more yet, so I'd love to see follow up on that. I loved the last few eps, they were so heartwarming and well, this is my fluff show, I use it to have 45 min of pure fun (it doesn't hurt that fandom gives me almost all the porn I need :D), and I'm sad that it's almost over :((

Now I'm trying to do my physics homework and augh i hate it *sigh* of course me missing the last two classes doesn't make it better >.<'
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Sooooo, i haven't written anything in ... well weeks/months/LJ-years, shame on me *hangs head* but uni is really kicking my butt and not having any internet access at all doesn't make it any easier. But, in my (few few sparetime *clings to weekends*) I have read and also watched teevee, so lemme tell you all about that then:

Havemercy by Jaida Jones and Danielle Bennett )I guess what it comes down to(*cough* for anyone that thinks tl;dr much?*cough*), is that I give it TWO bleets out of five , one for the dragons and one for the writing, which was good.

Now we come to:

Whistling in the Dark by Tamara Allen )

So my end result: FIVE bleets out of five :D:D
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Soooo Supernatural 4.02 )

Boston Legal: )

And then on a more awesome note and probably the true purpose of this post: As I said before, this hiatus almost put me off this fandom altogether, it was so wanky and urgh. Then came the interview where it was made official that Jared and Jensen live together, then there was the Jensen Padalecki thing at TV Guide, then the Jensen has a crush on Jared interview on BuddyTV. And now Eric Kripke has outdone them all and spoofed his own show and his actors in the SPN comic. Here is the 4 page spoof that outdoes everything so far (... except for the living together... the Jensen P- okay it's at the same level of awesome :D)
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Bah, i hate packing. But it is going surprisingly fast haha, well... it needs to, or Mom will kill me when she and dad come on saturday to hlp me with my stuff...

On other notes: Organic Chem is coming along swimmingly and I can happily ignore TOR while I'm packing/studying :D:D always a bonus!

Now: Onto TV. Fall season is in full swing and I'm loving SO much TV this season :D:D! Spoiler warning obvs

Merlin: )

Supernatural: )

Lost in Austen: )

Life: )

Eureka: )

Chuck: )


Criminal Minds: )

Bones: )

The Mentalist )

Privileged: )
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It looks like I'll be offline for the next two months at least. Only when I go back to my parents' house or to the library for stretches of time. :/// and just when TV is starting back up again T_T, I'll have to be careful with my flist then. *sighs*

sooo, expect some quiet times from me...

(ugh noooo internet withdrawal etc :/)
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I love Stumbling when I'm bored (or procrastinating *COUGH*), but just now I came across the most terrifying thing ever. God, the controls on the spider's look made me go >.<'. On the other hand the spider is very realistic in its bodymovement...

Maybe too realistic? I'm still not sure whether I should say I like it (because it is well done and I admire that) or go: OMG GET IT AWAY FROM ME!!

Look for yourselves.

ETA: Okay, i really really love stumbling haha

I have found THIS guy on youtube and wow wow wow. He's not a professional artist, he went to artschool but dropped out pretty soon afterwards. His main job is as an X-ray technician but his hobby and main focus remains art. He has posted many videos online, all of which are amazing, so I really think you should watch this. He is so very very talented. And amazing. Watch his videos :D!!!
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A post on [livejournal.com profile] seperis lj and my subsequent reply made me think of my rather liberal childhood. Beware – my childhood includes … copius amounts of blood )

So tell me, what are your wacky childhood memories? What did you do, when your parents weren’t looking?

ETA: man, thinking more about it, more and more stuff comes to mind – seriously, the period from about 8-12 were the most exciting years ever. I had no real responsibilities and I rarely saw my father so weekends could be spent terrorizing the neighbourhood.
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Since my soon-to-be-step-dad gave me Photoshop CS3, I've started dabbling in photoshop again (aside from my nakama editing), and browsing through various tutorials some more helpful than others... I'm still pissed of that it took me so long to figure out the pen tool :/ I've discovered You Suck at Photoshop

Man, I was giggling through all of the 16 released 'episodes' and actually didn't pay that much attention to the tutorials, but they look awesome and actually made me try out some features I had neglected until then.

If you haven't seen them already? Watch them - even if photoshop isn't something you deal with often :D!


Sep. 16th, 2008 04:24 pm
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Soo, haven't posted in ages again :/. This seems to be a recurring theme with me, but anyway, I've been busy looking for an apartment and studying for exams.

That is not to say I haven't been enjoying fandom! I've been slowly rewatching Batman Beyond (which is still awesome) and am now starting on Batman: The Animated Series. And man have I ever missed how good it was. You just can't really appreciate that when you're 13 and watching it for the first time. Not that it wasn't good or anything but now I can really appreciate the music and everything. Which of course means that I have to go looking for fic again and thank god for Te ([livejournal.com profile] thete1) and her awesome stories. Also: she posted another one just a few days ago, 250000+ words!!! A quarter million words of awesome *bookmarks*

On my shiniest of shiny Fandoms ever, One Piece: Spoilers for most recent One Piece Chapters )

Also: man I should organise my tags again *runs off to do that*


Aug. 14th, 2008 12:36 pm
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my grandpa is celebrating his 70th birthday, so I'm making a little picture show and I just went through the pictures and found some of our cruise through the meditereannean sea (he was captain on container ships), and wow, he was 62 and he didn't look it at all! I mean he had ABS! he looks better than many guys I've met.

Man, my grandma had good taste hahaha XD!

And here's proof: )
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So, I just got a call, that apparently the one flat where I thought: hey, this could be good :D! thought yeah she could be it :D, apparently there's one more girl who's a possibility, but now my odds have risen from 12 % to 50% and and she was really nice. God I hope this'll work out. Because then moving out and stuff would be really easy! I could move in 9/1 and omg that would be doubly awesome *me is hopeful* also, it would entice me to STAY in Göttingen haha, because right now I'm fed up with it.

OMG *me crosses fingers and squishes thumbs* it would be SO awesome. Pray for me!
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Soo, the last two weeks were a heavenly respite from all the stress and annoyage that was before. I'm still trying to find an apartment but even if I don't find one, I'll probably have to live with my parents for a while *sigh* anyway, gotta do a make-up exam in two weeks and I better start studying haha.

To pass some time and boredom I have found this game to tide me over. It's called Pandemic 2 and your goal is to wipe out mankind with an illness. That's pretty awesome already, but you get to choose whether you want to have a virus, bacteria or parasite, each of them having strengths and weaknesses :D! You start at a randomly chosen region and from there you try to make your illness as infectious as possible while still being as unnoticable as possible. Because once people start noticing somethings wrong, borders, shipyards and airports are closed, and your illness will have difficulty spreading. And of course there're the governments who try to develop a vaccine and if that works, even on one person, you lost (I know, I've had it happen to me :/!!!).

And you will understand when i scream: ARGHS GODDAMN YOU MADAGASCAR! haha. Play it, it's fun ^^.


Jul. 22nd, 2008 02:37 pm
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I haven't written anything in Livejournal for ages, i was busy with exams and planning to move out of my flat.

But I have written something original in a spur of a moment thing. It's probably going to be longer than the 4 snippets I've written now (3000 words :D so proud.), and I hope i can write and actually finish a story now. I've been wanting to write something again for ages. Maybe this will give me the courage to.
I have no idea how long this story will be and if all of the snippets will actually work into it, but I have already planned at least half of it all out. The only problem I have now is to decide which POV to use (I hate jumping pov's). Both would be fun (but a little too much work ~.~)

But now I'm back at my parents and enjoying my rest. I've been downloading and watching Xena (haha, so much campy fun :D) and I've found a place that gives me all 6 glorious seasons :D:D!!! (also: everything is made better with Bruce Campbell ^0^)

Mebbe I'll post my snippets later on, not sure yet. Also: OMG HAPPY BIRTHDAY NÜNI, i know you won't probably see this here but I love youuuuu!
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NO manga will ever compare. NON! This is the best there will ever be! 500+ chapters and I still love it so much. I can't wait for the new chapters *happysigh* Also: (slight spoiler) OMG ACE!!!! *wibble*


Jun. 18th, 2008 10:00 pm
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A friend of mine may have actually found a way to cure three types of cancer. She has been studying various cell-inhibitors for years and now actually had a breakthrough with an inhibitor that works on three types of cancer, one a very common one. I don't know all the details yet, but it sounds very promising omg.



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