Mar. 24th, 2009 02:22 pm
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It's hailing right now, or well, it looks more like it's snowing but it is hailing... wtf there was sunshine not an hour ago >.> (AND NOW IT'S SNOWING WTF WEATHER THIS IS NOT ON, it's supposed to be spring!!! Northern Germany does not get snow end march/beginning of April, not in Global Warmin time ://///) And I have to go to a friends later on and she lives 6km away... annnnd I'm taking the bus :(.

Anyway, in between learning maths and crying and learning more maths I've been trying to pick myself up with some new The Big Bang Theory , which while I didn't forget it, it's awesomeness did slip my mind oddly enough but ... I don't recall who linked this, but [livejournal.com profile] fairandbright has put together some reasons you should watch TBBT. And ahahaha, I got the episodes as fast as i could and I need to get some icons asap, this show is just so quotable, and dorky, and geeky and the numerous references, the unashamed fanboying of so much stuff is hilarious.

Which of course brings me to my favourite character on the show: SHELDON, oh sheldon, if he weren't asexual as hell, I'd totally do him, but I have to make do with his awesome monologues and ocd's.

Again; weather THIS IS NOT ON, winter is OVER, you hear me, OVER!!! I want spring, i want green trees and warm weather, to get a tan! Not Snowflakes and wintercoats *SIGH*


Mar. 22nd, 2008 02:11 pm
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*___* Someone somewhere has heard my prayers :D:D! There's this wonderful thing called Celtx which enabels you to write any kind of media production, be it audioplay, teleplay etc. with storyboards, notes, A PRDUCTION CALENDAR AND COLOUR-CODED INDEX-CARDS FOR ANY PLOTSTUFF *__*!!!! and it's all web-server based so it makes production with people far away easy and handy.

Which, for me, is like MANNA FROM HEAVEN <33333, A friend of mine, who is almost on his way to become a 3D-Designer, and me, we have always dreamt of making our own screenplays, me writing them and him bringing them to life. It has always failed due to the fact that we a) couldn't get the same format working, b) ideas would get lost, etc.

And now this comes along.

NGH! hahahah this is the start of something GREAT :D!
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One of my favourite Comedians is Eddie Izzard, a self-described male-lesbian or rather, an action transvestite.

I was feeling a little down, these last few days, so I thought: Self, you've been so emo lately, what should I do? And BAM, the answer came: Watch me some Eddie Izzard.

And since I think more people should know of his awesomeness I give you clips from my favourite shows: Dress to Kill and Glamour! He's hilarious! His style is a sort of running commentary on history and anything that comes into his mind.

First: Cake or DEATH?! One of his most well-known gags. Eddie Izzard plays out how the Church of England Iquisition (in contrast to the spanish inquisition) would have worked, sounds not really funny but it IS XD~

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