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Okay, first off, just let me say, I've watched a lot of gay indie movies, and most of them are crap, the writing is awful/awkward and the characters just feel weird. It doesn't help that I don't find the actors particularly attractive most of the time, so maybe I'm biased. Hmmm pretty :D )
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NO manga will ever compare. NON! This is the best there will ever be! 500+ chapters and I still love it so much. I can't wait for the new chapters *happysigh* Also: (slight spoiler) OMG ACE!!!! *wibble*


Jun. 18th, 2008 10:00 pm
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A friend of mine may have actually found a way to cure three types of cancer. She has been studying various cell-inhibitors for years and now actually had a breakthrough with an inhibitor that works on three types of cancer, one a very common one. I don't know all the details yet, but it sounds very promising omg.


Dec. 2nd, 2006 09:15 pm
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Amadeus is on TEEVEE right now. *watches raptly* I could watch this movie for the music alone but I love it so much *gushes*. It's so over the top and historically inaccurate but GOD, the music.


*is Classic - Geek*


Nov. 20th, 2006 11:26 pm
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So, I pretty much got addicted to K/TW/J-dramas. Oh god, I don't know why but apparently sometimes the mood strikes me to watch totally sappy shows with foreseeable story lines and almost always a happy ending. Sometimes it's not your usual 'Girl is forced to marry/live/help/work for Love Interest' stuff, sometimes it's really serious work (like Jyoou no Kyoushistu aka The Queen's Classroom, A litre of tears - which I haven't watched yet because the concept makes me twitch, too much angst for my taste). There is of course your normal Soap-ish Drama. And most of the time you have a happy ending, which isn't bad perse because if you KNOW it's going to end well it sometimes makes it easier to watch.

Rambling about Dramas )


Oh god, I just wrote 1000 words on Dramas.

Enough on Dramas. Onto Movies or specifically one K-Movie: The King and the Clown (Wang ui Namja), the highest grossing Korean Movie ever. Even without a A-List cast or -Director this movie drew in over 12 million people into the Cinemas. And this with just cause. Due to it's homosexual theme it may draw allusions to Brokeback Mountain and while that movie was great as well I think I may like Wang ui Namja more since the emotional impact is greater. It's about a short time in Korean History where a King fell in love with a jester who mocked him. But the real love story lies elsewhere and god, I'm tearing up even thinking about it. With minimal effect Wang ui Namja created a setting that seems so colorful and yet so tragic the emotional impact of the ending is even greater than Brokeback Mountain. It's more soft-spoken than BBM and with that the desired effect is delivered so fantastically. Definitely a MUST SEE. (is also DL-able on SilentRegrets ^^)
Also? Lee Joon-gi is so pretty it almost HURTS.. christ.

And now I need to see goong again. And Wang ui Namja. *throws in DVD*



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