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Why is it, that you get the weirdest idea while you're in the shower? Just today, )

And now for the fannish half of this post: )
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Soooo Supernatural 4.02 )

Boston Legal: )

And then on a more awesome note and probably the true purpose of this post: As I said before, this hiatus almost put me off this fandom altogether, it was so wanky and urgh. Then came the interview where it was made official that Jared and Jensen live together, then there was the Jensen Padalecki thing at TV Guide, then the Jensen has a crush on Jared interview on BuddyTV. And now Eric Kripke has outdone them all and spoofed his own show and his actors in the SPN comic. Here is the 4 page spoof that outdoes everything so far (... except for the living together... the Jensen P- okay it's at the same level of awesome :D)
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Bah, i hate packing. But it is going surprisingly fast haha, well... it needs to, or Mom will kill me when she and dad come on saturday to hlp me with my stuff...

On other notes: Organic Chem is coming along swimmingly and I can happily ignore TOR while I'm packing/studying :D:D always a bonus!

Now: Onto TV. Fall season is in full swing and I'm loving SO much TV this season :D:D! Spoiler warning obvs

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