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Why is it, that you get the weirdest idea while you're in the shower? Just today, )

And now for the fannish half of this post: )


Mar. 24th, 2009 02:22 pm
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It's hailing right now, or well, it looks more like it's snowing but it is hailing... wtf there was sunshine not an hour ago >.> (AND NOW IT'S SNOWING WTF WEATHER THIS IS NOT ON, it's supposed to be spring!!! Northern Germany does not get snow end march/beginning of April, not in Global Warmin time ://///) And I have to go to a friends later on and she lives 6km away... annnnd I'm taking the bus :(.

Anyway, in between learning maths and crying and learning more maths I've been trying to pick myself up with some new The Big Bang Theory , which while I didn't forget it, it's awesomeness did slip my mind oddly enough but ... I don't recall who linked this, but [ profile] fairandbright has put together some reasons you should watch TBBT. And ahahaha, I got the episodes as fast as i could and I need to get some icons asap, this show is just so quotable, and dorky, and geeky and the numerous references, the unashamed fanboying of so much stuff is hilarious.

Which of course brings me to my favourite character on the show: SHELDON, oh sheldon, if he weren't asexual as hell, I'd totally do him, but I have to make do with his awesome monologues and ocd's.

Again; weather THIS IS NOT ON, winter is OVER, you hear me, OVER!!! I want spring, i want green trees and warm weather, to get a tan! Not Snowflakes and wintercoats *SIGH*
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YAYAY, Merlin Torrent...

And it's not loading, I kind of feel like Eddie Izzard in this )

Gimme my shiny gay show *whines*


Dec. 2nd, 2008 03:11 pm
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Soooo, last night I got my new cellphone *_* which can finally store more than 5 MB music and thus will be my new help to get me through my daily trainrides. I love travelling by train, I love sitting around and just looking at the countryside. The only thing I don't love ... is the passengers. I'm sorry but I'm not really interested in your drunken ramblings about football games, your loud telephone conversations and I just want some quiet after a hellish day of Uni. *cough* Which is why I always have music playing. Eeee~ New PHONE :D

Of course, since it's NEW AND SHINY, i couldn't esist playing around with it until about 3 am in the morning at which point I realized that I would have to get up 5 hours later and tried to go to sleep ... and that didn't work either. I don't know when I eventually succumbed to sleep but I spent a lot of time last night tossing and turning and cursing my sleeplessness.

Merlin: I've been following it kinda regularly and man do I love where it's going. I hope they make a second season (it does look like it), because there is just so much more that they could do with it. So many plotthreads have been introduced but nothing more yet, so I'd love to see follow up on that. I loved the last few eps, they were so heartwarming and well, this is my fluff show, I use it to have 45 min of pure fun (it doesn't hurt that fandom gives me almost all the porn I need :D), and I'm sad that it's almost over :((

Now I'm trying to do my physics homework and augh i hate it *sigh* of course me missing the last two classes doesn't make it better >.<'
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Soooo Supernatural 4.02 )

Boston Legal: )

And then on a more awesome note and probably the true purpose of this post: As I said before, this hiatus almost put me off this fandom altogether, it was so wanky and urgh. Then came the interview where it was made official that Jared and Jensen live together, then there was the Jensen Padalecki thing at TV Guide, then the Jensen has a crush on Jared interview on BuddyTV. And now Eric Kripke has outdone them all and spoofed his own show and his actors in the SPN comic. Here is the 4 page spoof that outdoes everything so far (... except for the living together... the Jensen P- okay it's at the same level of awesome :D)
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Bah, i hate packing. But it is going surprisingly fast haha, well... it needs to, or Mom will kill me when she and dad come on saturday to hlp me with my stuff...

On other notes: Organic Chem is coming along swimmingly and I can happily ignore TOR while I'm packing/studying :D:D always a bonus!

Now: Onto TV. Fall season is in full swing and I'm loving SO much TV this season :D:D! Spoiler warning obvs

Merlin: )

Supernatural: )

Lost in Austen: )

Life: )

Eureka: )

Chuck: )


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The Mentalist )

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Jul. 22nd, 2008 02:37 pm
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I haven't written anything in Livejournal for ages, i was busy with exams and planning to move out of my flat.

But I have written something original in a spur of a moment thing. It's probably going to be longer than the 4 snippets I've written now (3000 words :D so proud.), and I hope i can write and actually finish a story now. I've been wanting to write something again for ages. Maybe this will give me the courage to.
I have no idea how long this story will be and if all of the snippets will actually work into it, but I have already planned at least half of it all out. The only problem I have now is to decide which POV to use (I hate jumping pov's). Both would be fun (but a little too much work ~.~)

But now I'm back at my parents and enjoying my rest. I've been downloading and watching Xena (haha, so much campy fun :D) and I've found a place that gives me all 6 glorious seasons :D:D!!! (also: everything is made better with Bruce Campbell ^0^)

Mebbe I'll post my snippets later on, not sure yet. Also: OMG HAPPY BIRTHDAY N√úNI, i know you won't probably see this here but I love youuuuu!
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You know what's really horrible? Seeing a person that greets you and having ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA WHO THAT PERSON IS. I mean, I'm really bad with names, so often when I talk about someone I'm like: Do you see ..... .............................................................................. oh yeah Stephanie, over there?
It makes for awkward pauses in conversations. It's even WORSE when I'm talking to someone and I have to say 'you' because their name just won't come over my LIPS. It's amusing though that it mostly happens with people I don't know that well or don't like. Maybe my brain is telling me something along the lines of: Their names aren't worth learning!!

Anyway Life is all Yay right now and I hope it stays that way :O. Although I have to start looking for work and get my driving license done (alksjf I'm so lazy). I also cannot wait for Ugly Betty to come to Germany, I mean, it's like Verliebt in Berlin but BETTER. I mean, it's developed as a normal series, with 22+ Episodes and not 200+ per year, so the storyline is a) a lot more condensed and b) it's not all about the ROMANCE OMG! I mean, not that I'm entirely against THAT per se, but you know, the prospect of 200+ Episodes of counting flower leaves He-loves-me; He-loves-me-not was frightening to a degree that I couldn't even attempt to watch ViB. While Vib was a 'true' telenovela in the scopes of its 'magnitude' of air time, Ugly Betty seems to adapt more of the hilarious telenovela story-devices. I mean, sure, the beginning is rather slow and I wasn't sure whether or not I would end up to like Betty or not, I love her now. America Ferrera is an amazing actress (and so pretty in real life), and I do hope Ugly Betty stays on for some time, and comes to Germany soon. Hmmm... maybe I'll make the pilot available later.
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Well the last two days I have spent mainlining Dexter, a new show on the cable sender Showtime (of QAFUS - Fame). And I was really fascinated. I have already spammed Sanny with a few lines from the first episode all excited over a new TV Show I could follow. And with the Season in 12 Episode it's even in a quite manageable size, the plot is not too bloated and the sub-plots are nicely resolved (or not so much nicely resolved in some cases *g*)


Also? HOMG DEXTER IS PLAYED BY MICHAEL C. HALL (David from Six Feet Under). He really couldn't have chosen a more different role and by god he does it well. I have always been fascinated by sociopaths (Johan, Hanibal Lecter, Yagami Raito .. ngh) and Dexter is a worthy addition to that list. He is so completely devoid of emotion but he tries so hard to fake it, just to pass as normal and at the same time be himself.
And Dexter's girlfriend is none other than a vampire Julie Benz of Darla from Buffy TVS and Angel fame. Hee~.

I'm really curious as to how the next season will go down with all the issues that have been left unresolved.

You could, technically click here to maybe get the first episode )
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So, BSG - a show everyone loffs , but me )

also: I uploaded the song I'm currently listening to ( I loff it) grab it here (uploaded on rapidshare, since YSI is being a BITCH *beats to death*)

CSI squee~

Jan. 4th, 2006 10:39 pm
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I love me some CSI and here in Germany the fifth season started today and Greg was SuperDork. And I was squeeing happily into my pillow while my family pondered whether to call a psychiatric or not.

But hee~ I haven't watched CSI in way too long and it just fills me with insane joy to have a new season at hand.

Ahhh, TV Shows *happy again*


Oct. 10th, 2005 06:37 pm
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Haven't posted in AGES. And I've got a new hobby.

downloading TV Series. Heee~. thank god for my DVD-Burner. I wouldn't get anything done without it, or have enough space to download all these shows (The 4400, The Deadzone, SGA, Stargate SG-1, Entourage, Kitchen Confidential, Oz, Everwood (season 4), and Anime @.@ Teni-myus are BRAIN-BREAKING - and technically not even anime but ....- holy fuck. although nothing's better than the Sailor Moon Musical Heeee).

It's so much fun. And I can force my best friend to get the DVDs should they ever come to Germany. Yeee~. TV shows. Gah.



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