Jun. 16th, 2009 09:11 pm
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Augh, Sinus infection. AGAIN ;_;!

I feel like my head is exploding and even my jaw joints ache. Send lipgloss tea and cookies, plz. Now, back to watching True Blood (expect review) and falling asleep.
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So, having survived the past few hellish weeks I can finally indulge in [profile] spn_j2_bigbang reading, and it's already been a week of posting. Can't wait to see what people have come up with.

I also have to clean up and go home-home (it's my mother's birthday :D) and prepare another lab-report, and generally just want to stay curled up in bed and never ever ever get up again, *sigh*, but that's life.

Prepare for some recs :D!
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Hoo boy, I kinda went off the grid for a while, didn't I?

Anyway this week IS FINALLY OVER THANK GOD. Today I held my presentation on Arthropod Walking, in english. *gnashing teeth* )

For much happier news:

DIEING OF CUTE This is so very adorable, and one of the reasons I LOVE THE INTERNET SO MUCH! without it stuff like this might exist, but I'd NEVER know ^0^

Okay, sleep now *collapses into bed*

SPN 4.22

May. 15th, 2009 05:29 am
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spoilers )
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Okay, first off, just let me say, I've watched a lot of gay indie movies, and most of them are crap, the writing is awful/awkward and the characters just feel weird. It doesn't help that I don't find the actors particularly attractive most of the time, so maybe I'm biased. Hmmm pretty :D )
Hotness, so much hotness )
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What is going on, LJ?

entries on my flist seem to appear and disappear at will. They're of course still in the original journals, but that why friend someone if you can't read their entries in one handy space *shakes fist* Quit it, LJ!!!


Apr. 20th, 2009 10:21 pm
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I cannot make a dw_news announcement in my inbox collapse as 'mark read'... in fact my inbox seems completely fucked, I cannot 'un-read' any old messages...

Am I the only one having this issue? Should I report this as a bug?



Apr. 14th, 2009 06:47 pm
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first person invited to DW ^0^, I feel so helpful. Man I still remember the dark, dark ages when LJ was dependant on invite codes and I felt so left out still i was able to scrounge one up from the numerous comms that were giving them out freely.

I still haven't done much with my account yet, a fact I shall soon have to remedy, esp. upload some Icons (but it's so hard to chose just 6 *G*). But I do hope this will turn out to be fun ^0^.
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Wow Amazon, way to be major fucktards!

Amazon is taking away the sales ranking of gay 'erotic' literature (even if there is no explicit sex in the books). But not from heterosexual erotica. Ahahaha, yeah, right.

[ profile] bookshop has more info here.

Apparently they're also taking out gay books from search results on their site (they can still be reached via Google search but not on the Amazon site itself)


Edit: Amazon rank
Yay for google bombs :/
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Maybe you've heard about Dreamwidth already, maybe not.

Dreamwidth calls itself a Livejournal fork, it uses the Open Source code of Livejournal, but updates and streamlines it (as far as I can tell ^^), getting rid of unnecessary clutter and not being just a livejournal clone on another server.

Dreamwidth is headed by [ profile] synecdochic and [ profile] xb95 who both worked for Livejournal in their past but decided that they wanted to try their own version of a LJbased social networking site. They promise their users transparency in their costs of servers and the like and first and foremost will place NO ADS (explained by one of the founders of DW Here:Why Monetizing Social Media Through Advertising Is Doomed To Failure) on their site anywhere. Dreamwidth is i believe the first LJ-based networking site that actually knows what it is going to deal with in terms of expansion and development, since they seem to have a reasonable business development plan in place and calculated costs accordingly.

I know that there have been many many LJ copies and I'm not even sure I know them all, and in the end nothing came of most of them (I think insanejournal is the only one that is at least somewhat LJ-alternative), since the copies were using a) old code and thus were less flexible than what users where used from LJ, b) in the panicky influxes into new services during Strike and Boldthrough the capacities of the services were maxed out, making it slow and not really viable options for LJ.
But Dreamwidth seems like the first viable option I've seen, that would actually make me want to post and be active. (You can actually import your LJ-Style, hopefully tho, soon there will be many more dreamwidth-only stiles :D)

They've reworked the friending system, which is now very different. You can subscribe to someone and read their posts, but you don't 'friend' them as in give them access to read locked post. That's what the second feature of 'give access' is for. That I find very very good, because I always found the friend-thing on LJ a bit iffy, because if I only wanted to watch a journal without giving them the ability to read my locked posts, i would have to post in filters, which I am way too lazy for.

Another thing that makes Dreamwidth great, imho, is the fact that it is so crosscompatible with other services and I can even read my LJ-friendslist from there, and OpenID accounts on LJ can be watched as well, hooray.

And probably the reason that I love dreamwidth the most? I can FINALLY have my littleblacksheep username, since they upped the username max to 25 char (oh, oh and the max char on comments and posts too, no more having to break up my rambling in tiny parts nooo, now it's continuous rambling all the time :)

So, to make TL;DR short: Dreamwidth is a new shiny thing that promises much, and for the first time ever I find myself actually believing the promises :D! and as stated before, this is my account on DW. So far it is still in closed beta but on April 30th it will open its gates for open beta, so everyone can join, and maybe I can even scrounge up some invite codes beforehand.

ETA: I forgot, they also give you the option of importing your lj with all comments (except for the deleted ones of course ^^)

Useful links for the so inclined:

Stuff Dreamwidth does better than LJ

Zvi gives a little introduction

Why Dreamwidth? Explained a lot more coherently

Another Why Dreamwidth post I had to include due to the title :D


Apr. 12th, 2009 08:25 pm
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this is the new thing then, huh? :D Placeholder Post until I figure out this new shiny :D
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Why is it, that you get the weirdest idea while you're in the shower? Just today, )

And now for the fannish half of this post: )
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... the fact that the biggest sportcenter in town is called "Ass Sports" WILL NEVER NOT MAKE ME LAUGH AHAHAHAHA, and since all male handball teams go there to train it makes it only more hilarious, ahaha god.

It is the worst (or best???) name for a sportcenter EVER. Oh fandom, thank you for making me think porn all the time :D


Mar. 24th, 2009 02:22 pm
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It's hailing right now, or well, it looks more like it's snowing but it is hailing... wtf there was sunshine not an hour ago >.> (AND NOW IT'S SNOWING WTF WEATHER THIS IS NOT ON, it's supposed to be spring!!! Northern Germany does not get snow end march/beginning of April, not in Global Warmin time ://///) And I have to go to a friends later on and she lives 6km away... annnnd I'm taking the bus :(.

Anyway, in between learning maths and crying and learning more maths I've been trying to pick myself up with some new The Big Bang Theory , which while I didn't forget it, it's awesomeness did slip my mind oddly enough but ... I don't recall who linked this, but [ profile] fairandbright has put together some reasons you should watch TBBT. And ahahaha, I got the episodes as fast as i could and I need to get some icons asap, this show is just so quotable, and dorky, and geeky and the numerous references, the unashamed fanboying of so much stuff is hilarious.

Which of course brings me to my favourite character on the show: SHELDON, oh sheldon, if he weren't asexual as hell, I'd totally do him, but I have to make do with his awesome monologues and ocd's.

Again; weather THIS IS NOT ON, winter is OVER, you hear me, OVER!!! I want spring, i want green trees and warm weather, to get a tan! Not Snowflakes and wintercoats *SIGH*
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Wohne jetzt etwa seit zwei wochen in meiner neuen WG, war aber anfangs allein, da meine Mitbewohnerin noch zu Hause zu Hause war.
Mein zimmer ist schön groß, ich hab zugang zur Terasse und es ist direkt and der Uni :D! besser kanns gar nich kommen, hehe. Das ich schon länger nichts mehr gepostet hab, liegt vor allem daran, dass ich nur noch mit Mathe beschäftigt bin, was mich ein bisschen ankotzt, aber naja, muss ja sein :/.

Gestern Abend waren wir dann bei der besten Freundin(Birte) meiner Mibewo grillen (yay, das erste mal in diesem Jahr), und wir haben darauf angestoßen, dass die beste Freundin jetzt ihr Pferd hier nach Göttingen bekommt. Und gleich hat sie mir angeboten, dass ich ja auch mal reiten könnte :D! Nach Jahren wieder komm ich mal wieder zum reiten, dass ist total cool und wird garantiert sehr lustig. Außerdem scheint der beste Freund von Birtes Freund meinen Papa zu kennen - Jäger, Holzhändler, Forstwissenschaftler, das trifft alles mal aufeinander *G*.

Bald kommt auch endlich mein Schrank und meine PS2 mit Guitar Hero hierher, das heißt natürlich, dass ich dann meine Mibewo auch so richtig schön zum spielen mit mir nötigen kann :D!

muah, das ist es bis jetzt von mir, muss mathe weiter machen >.>
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Keine Ahnung wieviele von euch Volker Pispers kennen, wenn ihr ihn kennt, dann werdet ihr mir jetzt zugrinsen und wenn nicht, dann seht euch die clips an die ich reinstelle (und noch alle anderen auf YT :D)

VP ist meiner Ansicht nach der beste Deutsche Kabarettist den wir haben, sein beißender Zynismus ist herrlich und ich lache mich jedes mal halbtot (und weine innerlich weil er ja so recht hat...)

Hier einer meiner Lieblingsclips (weil meine Mutter ja lehrerin ist *G*) Volker Pispers über Lehrer ;D


Feb. 25th, 2009 12:05 am
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In life news: Am all packed up and ready to move into my new shiny apartment :D:D! Dad is not available tho, and I kind of need his car to move my stuff around *sigh*. In 2 weeks my math seminar starts which means 2-3 hours of maths for 17 days and the exam directly after that. ... Not so excited for that but it has to be done.

In FANNISH news: Ahahahaha, I let my sister watch a few short Supernatural clips, and she was instantly fascinated. Now she's caught up with the german part of the show and tells me, that SPN is her new fav show :D! AND of course she picked up on the gay (even between Jensen and Jared, I mean, ... it's not that hard to miss but still), and asked me: 'is there fanfic?' HAHAHA. Man, I LOVE my sister. Now I just have to find her some non-porny ones, although I guess she's old enough to decide herself whether or not she reads the sex scenes. Hmm, maybe there are some 'How to get started in SPN/J2-fandom'-posts.

Now I just have to convince her to watch Merlin and she's all set to be the next fangirl in our family

I have been reading a lot of ebooks/original fiction lately, and I've noticed that summaries that go: Char A is shy/traumatized/emotionally handicapped and he meets Char B who is brash/mean/flamboyant, can Char B help Char A to come out of his shell? - MAKE ME BARF. God, I'm sorry, but how often can you do that cliche? I can't even read fics like that that are heavily recced, I just have enough of all this emo-bullshit.
Another thing, one of the most famous fics on FictionPress - Stupid Post it Notes, has become too emo for me. I mean, one the one hand I get the angst , but 400000+ words of 1st pov angst? Very SLOW moving angst? God... on the one hand the author doesn't make the trauma poof away like so many other authors, but this feels like such a downer epic. A downer epic WIP which is even worse, because I don't know when we'll have the HEA, and I need my HEA dammit, that's the reason I read fanfic - they're my romance novels, haha. The problem with fics like these is that the character-development stagnates, it inches forward and then bam it goes all down the drain again. Not that that doesn't feel like puberty (>.> it does, so very much) but maybe living a year with ex-TOR has made me overly sensitive to stuff like this and I just can't stomach it anymore.
Ahahah, okay skimming showed that the newest chapter is supposed to be the penultimate one, but still it was about 30000 words of angst and just ONE day went by timeline wise. I'm sorry but that's just way too wordy.

*cough* okay enough rant ^^. Back to my usual non-updating hahaha



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